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  Come to Bidon Bistro in your lycra on a Tuesday to Friday and get 10% off your meal. We serve the perfect cup of coffee and a delicious range of smoothies and crushers, as well as tasty food. SMOOTHIES Peanut Butter Bomb: Peanut butter, banana, yogurt, whey protein and Milk Banana Milk: Chopped banana, a pinch of cinnamon, condense milk & a tablespoon of honey King of the Mountain: Orange Juice, banana & whey protein Key Lime Pie: Coconut milk, yoghurt, ice, banana, lime juice, cinnamon & avocado CRUSHERS Mean & Green: Apple, pineapple, green melon, a teaspoon of lemon juice, a pinch ofRead More →


Come for breakfast and enjoy a free cappuccino or book for our set lunch menu available from 12h00 (booking is essential). Either way, join us in the peace and tranquillity of the Cradle to appreciate both the beautiful surrounds and the woman who make this World go round! R245 per head Mezze platter Pork belly, ribs, selection of breads, fires, pickled eggplant, jalapeno poppers, hummus, marinated olives, pickled chorizo salsa, smoked salmon salad, kimchi and tofu Asian salad Plus, a choice of Blackened Pork Belly The famous slow braised pork belly in an Asian broth finished in the oven with honey & coriander seed,Read More →

Bidon Pizza Chef Thulani top 5 in Global Pizza Challenge We are very proud of our very own hotshot Pizza Chef Thulani for achieving a Top 5 placing at the Global Pizza Challenge that took place at the Hostex expo at Gallagher Estate this month. His prized pizza consisted of Smoked Mozzarella, marinated ricotta, almonds and homemade preserved figs was a true show of his skills and palate that he has mastered over the years. Thulani’s creation peaked the interest from master chefs, the judging panel and visitors alike, was a well-deserved entry into the top 5. Thulani’s  8 years of experience and flair forRead More →