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The Bidon Bistro Kitchen has debuted their 2016 summer menu. Chef Warren said,

14039903_10154161320907599_2889507691056444196_n “We love our all-time favorites, but we felt a need to try some
new things that would reflect the warmer weather and some
of his creative urges.”

The Lunch menu has evolved to include more vegetarian options, sandwiches, and a “small plate tastings of tapas for two”.

Here at Bidon we pride ourselves on using organic free range poultry products and dairy products, and in our Smoothie and Juice bar we use organically sourced fruit and vegetables from our local farmers.

New items:

restaurant-cutlery-circular-symbol-of-a-spoon-and-a-fork-in-a-circle Maxim cuts of blackened pork belly rubbed with Asian style spices and house made pineapple chutney.
restaurant-cutlery-circular-symbol-of-a-spoon-and-a-fork-in-a-circle Panko Fried prawns – a decidedly fresh approach to a tapas dish, with Spanish tannato sauce and pickled green Tomatoes.
restaurant-cutlery-circular-symbol-of-a-spoon-and-a-fork-in-a-circle Roasted carrot, Danish feta and chick pea fritters, served on an organic beetroot hummus.
restaurant-cutlery-circular-symbol-of-a-spoon-and-a-fork-in-a-circle Our selection of homemade ice creams and desserts, prepared with the freshest seasonal vegetables.

For more information or to make a booking, please contact the Bidon Bistro here.