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13177710_586306301536496_2326695394426147862_nBidon Pizza Chef Thulani top 5 in Global Pizza Challenge

We are very proud of our very own hotshot Pizza Chef Thulani for achieving a Top 5 placing at the Global Pizza Challenge that took place at the Hostex expo at Gallagher Estate this month.

His prized pizza consisted of Smoked Mozzarella, marinated ricotta, almonds and homemade preserved figs was a true show of his skills and palate that he has mastered over the years. Thulani’s creation peaked the interest from master chefs, the judging panel and visitors alike, was a well-deserved entry into the top 5.

Thulani’s Β 8 years of experience and flair for making traditional Italian style pizzas has made him a firm favourite among Bidon Bistro patrons. Thulani ONLY does Β pizza base dough stretching by hand and his attention to the fine art of pizza making means that every pizza has Thulani’s personal mark on it.

Congratulations Thulani on your prestigious accolade!

Come and visit us at Bidon Bistro in the cradle of mankind to sample some of Thulani’s masterpieces!

Email: info@bidonbistro.co.za