20160410_074721Bidon Bistro is located on the grounds of one of the oldest farms in the Muldersdrift Area, Jexter Farm. Jexter Farm has been in the Mes family for over 40 years, and has seen all types of activities taking place over the years. From farming to Futon Bed manufacturing and a host of others in between.

It has been home to a large number of domestic and farm animals. Many of you have come to know and love Bella and Brutus, our trusty Boerbulls who visit our patrons at the Restaurant from time to time.

IMG_20160416_150400They, along with Dolly and “Baby one” are the current wave of dogs on the farm. They however are not alone… You may also have had the privilege of seeing our sizeable piece of Pork named “Leroy”.

The farm has always been a home, to family, to friends, and to those who at times have just been in need of a helping hand.

So why build a restaurant you may ask? Why indeed?

IMG_20160410_150923Well it all started when our beloved cyclist friends started frequenting the area. The amount of excitement they brought with being able to now start playing “dodge-ems” was exhilarating to say the least. The influx of out-of-towners and their bicycles provided varying levels of entertainment to the people in the area.

So….what to do? Considering the fact that Garth did a stint, many years ago, as a chef at the 3 Ships Restaurant at the Carlton Hotel in Johannesburg… “Let’s build a restaurant”, he says. “For the cyclists”. If we can’t beat them, let’s get them to spend their money with us…and the rest, as they say is history.

The old pigsty was converted into the men’s and ladies restrooms, our trusty handyman-come-vehicle-security-guard Charlie’s house was converted into the current cycle-through. Everyone who worked, lived or visited the farm was roped into setting up what would become the iconic Bidon Bistro that is frequented and loved by so many loyal friends.

So… what would be next? Well… you will just have to wait and see. 😉